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Self flying cars are ready for take off.

First, the news that trials are undergoing on the new driverless cars, then we hear about the news of self flying cars. Yes, you really did just read that!

The Slovakia based firm, Aeromobil, has built prototypes for a car that can both drive and fly. the flying roadster is a sporty two seater, which transforms into a light sports aircraft and is being aimed at “wealthy supercar buyers and flight enthusiasts” in other words, people with more money than sense!

The company are aiming to have the limited edition vehicle available for sale within the next two years. It’s many features include an impressive flying range of almost 430 miles on one tank of petrol, when it’s wings are folded down it can fit into a normal sized parking space, a partial autopilot and a parachute that will automatically deploy should the pilot fall ill.

The first working prototype of the flying car was showcased at the 2013 Montreal Aerotech Congress and since then has undergone regular flight testing programs in real flight conditions.  AeroMobil flying carJaraj Vaculik, co-founder and CEO of Aeromobil, believes that flying cars are the way forward in terms of reducing travel times of distances of up to 640km, reduce traffic congestion both on the roads and in the air – flying cars would fly at different air spaces layers to normal aircraft, reduce the need for expensive road repairs and increase the ease of reaching hard to get to places. He explains that the driver would need to own both a regular drivers license and a pilots license in order to operate the vehicle and he foresees that it is likely it would need it’s own regulatory category for tax and MOT purposes.

Although pricing has not yet been set, it is estimated it will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and would put them in the same price bracket as supercars or sport aircraft.

We must admit, it does look really cool and is a bit of a boys toy, but it’s not going to be very practical for transporting two kids, the dog and all the luggage that they all need. For something a bit more practical check out our family friendly car deals.

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