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“Why buy new?” I hear you ask. Well, if you buy right and are able to claim back the VAT on the car which a leasing company can, then you bypass the massive depreciation curve associated with buying new cars. Take the discount and the vat reclaim into account and you are often or not funding a car at net values 40-50% lower than list price.  Also we gain access to large bulk purchased vehicles through the relevant contract hire companies. Buying in Bulk and direct from the manufacturer means we are also accessing incredible discounts that negate the need to purchase car a year old.  Looking at the whole life cost resale value reduced serviced costs the New cars purchased on lease are lot more cost effective than used.

We cover most of the car sectors on these bulk purchases from the super mini class up to top executives, 4×4 and commercial vehicles of all sizes.

The age old adages that never changes with a successful business is if the object you are buying increases in value  buy it .  If it decreases in value “Lease it”.  If you set your budgets control costs you can let leasing  improve your “cash flow”and intern increase revenue.   

With leasing the monthly rental reflects the depreciation  the interest element and maintenance (if chosen) so your motoring costs are instantly set to a fixed budget.  

Sample options  ; If you  borrow money for a used car be it Hire Purchase,  Bank Loan ,  Mortgage, or even Family a £10,000 loan  over 36 months would typically cost £2500 in interest.   Monthly repayments would be  around  £347 a month.  After 3 years the loan is paid off and the car is worth approx  £4000 Subject to mileage etc. Factor back the worth of the car into the three year period and the cost is  Net £235 a month.

Alternatively  you could opt for a car with a list price of £20000  with zero or min hassle factor regarding upkeep etc  for around  £191 plus vat £229  per month, if you are vat registered you can claim back 50% of the vat element netting down to £210 as  the Effective rental. 

The Leasing option will definitely prove to be  a lot cheaper having better fuel consumption,  lower tax, cheaper running costs IE maintenance etc Plus costs will be guaranteed.

You can add more value by added addition packages like maintenance to cover all servicing and mechanical fair wear and tear costs so you avoid any extra big bills. You can take out protection insurance agreements to cover finance liability, basically  you can budget three years in advance which all companies enjoy and so do many individuals now opting to take out personal leasing agreements over outright purchase.        

On our site you will find special offers listed based on the industry’s most requested contract agreements. We can also quote on every make and model available but to be accurate & correct we don’t list all prices and variations – it is best to give us a call or request your specific requirements directly with our trained and experienced leasing consultants who are experts in there field.