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Make way for the new SEAT Ibiza.

Last year the Spanish car manufacturer, SEAT, celebrated 30 years of their popular model, the Ibiza. To help celebrate this momentous occasion, SEAT recently launched a face lifted version of the forth generation Ibiza, which has been available in its previous form since 2008, and has commenced work on the eagerly anticipated fifth generation model, with the hope of launching it in 2017.

SEAT’s design boss, Alejandro Mesonero, expects the new model to be a huge success, “The fifth-generation Ibiza is something I’m approaching with much excitement. For me, the Ibiza is a car that’s evolved with small-scale steps. It’ll be a significant leap forward in terms of design, because the market demands it. The lines will change, but the spirit will stay the same.” It is hoped that the supermini will follow in the successful footsteps of the Leon, but Mesonero is quick to point out we should not expect an exact replica of the Leon, “It will be a design revolution for the Ibiza, as firstly the market demands it and secondly to set it apart from the Leon. It will have strong character, tautness and a feeling of movement when stopped. The spirit of a fun, agile drive will remain. It will be a different car, but clearly an Ibiza.”

670x377ImageThe 20V20 crossover concept was first revealed at the Geneva Motor Show back in March and it is looking set to rival the likes of similar crossover cars, such as the Nissan Juke. Company chief Jürgen Stackmann tells us, “The march forward is going to be the difference SEAT gives to its customers, and the new Ibiza will show this. The driving force is this new platform kit; we’ll focus on design, quality feel and technology. It needs to be normal enough to be bought by everyone but different enough to stand out in the market.”

The new SEAT Ibiza is expected to feature well defined wheel arches, Seat-Ibiza-2017-1clusters of lights merging into the sharp, angular boot hatch and may well find itself powered by alternative energy sources. Stackmann has strongly suggested that the brand is looking into hybrid and fully electric versions however, he is quick to add, “I think electric and mixed systems are unavoidable in the future. It’s costly and the infrastructure isn’t there yet, but small cars are perfect for hybrid and electric. As we get closer to 2020 we’ll see the emergence of these from SEAT, but we want to make sure our cars are affordable for our customers.”

The Ibiza, has long been considered a reliable and popular car and as a result was awarded the accolade of Most Highly Rated Car at the 2015 Honest John Car Awards. Over a period of 12 months, readers were asked to rate and review various cars and the Ibiza came out on top for reasons such as it’s efficient engines, smart looks, comfortable cabin and excellent value. To get a good deal on a Seat Ibiza lease call or email us today and we’ll discuss our current deals.

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