About Us

About Compass Contract Hire


It may sometimes be difficult to separate the claims of rival contract hire and fleet management companies, most offering the same vehicles on the same funding packages. However, we believe that our success proves that we have established some clear and important differences for Compass.

A fresh start

Compass Contract Hire was incorporated in 1992 by a team whose pedigree and experience of the motor industry and vehicle funding is extensive. Recognising the changing nature of vehicle funding and acquisition, we felt that there was an opportunity to make a fresh start and develop a new organisation equipped for the client needs of today.


Compass Contract Hire Ltd is part of the Bridle Group of Companies who are responsible for over 8,000 vehicles. Our objective is to build a profitable business through excellence of service. We can pursue that objective unhindered by the distractions of trying to sell particular vehicles or particular financial arrangements.

We have excellent relationships with vehicle manufacturers and work closely with a panel of providers of finance including Alphabet, Arval, LexAutolease and Network/LeasePlan. However, our freedom ensures that we are able to select precisely the vehicle and funding package that best suits your needs.

Resourced for Response

In founding Compass, we were very aware of the critical importance of service. Our concern was to ensure that the responsiveness generated by the natural initial enthusiasm and energy of a new business could be maintained as we grew.

Administrative Resources

Cars generate paper, log books, taxation, parking tickets and maintenance bills need checking, questioning and paying. The rules keep changing and do you have the people to keep up, or could you use our efficient administrative system.


We will always be price competitive as our costs are low and we pass all nationally negotiated maximum dealer discounts and manufacturers volume bonuses onto our customers.


Our position as one of the largest contract hire and Leasing Distributorships in the country has been built around our pre-eminent service. Whether it is advising on the correct funding package or most tax efficient way of acquiring vehicles or relieving you of the burden of all purchase, disposal and service administration, at Compass we try that bit harder.

With more than 25 years experience in the Fleet Market, Managing Director Philip Page is clearly focused.

“Our purpose is to identify ways in which companies can save money and reduce the time spent on company car management”

“We always seek to provide companies with completely individual packages rather than trying to shoe-horn them into an existing off-the-shelf arrangements”

Status Disclosure

Compass Contract Hire is an Appointed Representative of Hanborough Enterprises Ltd who is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority FRN 631448. Hanborough Enterprises Ltd work with a panel of funders to help secure finance for your new lease vehicle, the firm will only broker the introduction of finance and will not be the lender, the firm may also receive a payment or benefit from the finance provider should you decide to enter into an agreement with them.